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Weight & Balance for WVFC Aircraft

Tail Number: N596JR - American Champion 7ECA

Weight & Balance, Normal Category (lbs, in):
Item Weight (lbs) Max Δ Arm Moment
Empty Weight 1155 1750 595 11.36 13120
Front Seats 11.50 1955
Rear Seats 42.00 7140
(17.5 gal)
(35.0 gal)
105 24.50 2572
Baggage 100 80 69.00 1380
Total 1620 1750 130 16.15 26168
Tip of the day: You can enter fuel quantity in either pounds or gallons,
the calculator will automatically figure out which you mean.

check mark Weight and CG are within limits for the Normal category.

CG Envelope

Basic Weights (lbs):
Empty Weight MGTW MRW MLW
1155 1750 1750 1750

Normal category CG Limits (lbs, in):
Up to Fwd Limit Aft Limit
1325 10.50 19.20
1750 14.20 19.20

Aerobatic category CG Limits (lbs, in):
Up to Fwd Limit Aft Limit
1325 10.50 16.30
1750 14.20 16.30

CG Envelope

NB: W&B information in this calculator may not be current or accurate. This calculator is provided as a pre-flight aid but it is not a substitue for the offical W&B calculations that the pilot should perform before each flight. Pilots should always calculate the W&B on the ramp prior to takeoff using the latest data from the POH and actual payload weights, and taking into account all circumstances including the difference between takeoff and landing fuel quantity and weight.

Weight & Balance calculator created by Wes Irish of cfiwes.com.